Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Girls Camp

I made it. Girls camp is officially over, and I survived a week with a bunch of strangers away from my family. It was actually wonderful. Once I got over the initial "I cant take a stroller there it's too steep" and the constant thinking I was forgetting someone, I was able to have really awesome interactions with the girls. I was amazed that despite the busy schedule I had a moment with each of them that touched me and made me feel that it was important that I was there.They made me want to be better and stronger and I have so much respect for the youth that I had the pleasure to be at Camp Mia Shalom with.

When I got home Jones was at work and the kids were at gramma's. So I walked into an empty home. It felt so good to be home and I teared up as I realized how much I missed my Family.I had hours alone so I showered, slept and just looked at my home, soaking it in. When I did finally see everyone it wasn't epic screaming or shouts of joy, but genuine smiles and long hugs followed by a happy glow that followed us back to our house(except C who wanted to stay at Gramma's)

Now that I am home it is buisness as usual. Cleaning and organizing house. Starting phase one of the south beach diet (trying to lose that last 10lbs before baby #4!!)getting ready for school to start next week, I had enrolled months ago but just decided yesterday that I am for sure going to do it. Hoping to spend the summer with extended family, feeling healthy and having fun. 

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