Friday, June 15, 2012

Pink china cabinet

When my mom moved up here from Cali, I inherited this wonderful china cabinet from her. It is perfect for storing all my craft type items. Unfortunately it was this awful yellowish stain :/ so I painted it.

It was suppose to be a soft coral, instead it is somewhere between coral and hot pink. Jones loves it :)
Now to spruce it up with some amazing handles, only problem is the ones I love from Anthropologie

are a whopping $18 ea and I need 10 so that's not happening, time to go to Home Depot and Make it work. After all these are just $3.79

Hopefully I will find something to my liking
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melyssa_marie said...

I don't know if there is a Hobby Lobby near you but if there is GO THERE!!! They have beautiful knobs and they're constantly running 50% off sales. You would certainly find a lovey glass option for half the cost of Home Depot.

Crys said...

Thanks for the tip! I do have a hobby lobby and now I can't wait to go!