Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Potty time

Now that I am back to blogging, let me share with you our big news, we are potty training, during a move! Brilliant! Tober has been showing signs that it was time for a while but whenever I tried to get her to sit on the toilet it was nothing but stubbornness. I had to remind myself again that I couldn't expect her to be the same as C was( 2 weeks and he was potty trained on a real potty.) and realized that she might be more comfortable using a kid potty, really I just wanted her to get the concept of going potty, because so far She showed no sign that it mattered to her whether she peed on the couch, in a diaper, in her pants....
So to Ikea I went, I knew they had simple potties for $4.99 in lots of colors, I was hoping for a great little black one

Or maybe white

But all they had was the green one, why not.
Bright green :)

this chart had been up for weeks with no stars and a few days after getting the potty Tober is filling it up quick!

2 days accident free! (wearing a diaper to bed and naps) she s now telling me when she needs to go. I love these small and personal triumphs with each kid, they are a growing time for both of us!

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Hull Family said...

That is exciting! I HATE potty-training. So I give you major props on doing this while trying to move...super impressive!

Good luck with the move to Maryland, sounds like a new adventure. I wish you and your family all the best.