Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Yesterday we took Jones to be taken away by the Army for 3 whole months. It was a long and wonderful day. We had a quick summer and fall somehow crept up on me. I was lucky and blessed so much that a lot of the things I wanted to happen over the summer did. One of those things being family pics. I lucked out when a good family friend came into town for a family reunion and was able to come spend the day, eat treats and snap some good pics of our little family.

Did I say little? How 'bout 1 more!!
Yes, another blessing this summer brought was another sweet baby to our family, coming spring next year. We are so happy and feel so blessed. Our children are slowly taking over every inch of our hearts. 
And yes I am bias but seriously....

Can they get any cuter??

I was crazy sick right before these pics were taken, I was lucky the kids were dressed at all! but hair cuts did not happen.

Allowing for pictures like this that make me feel like C looks like he is 16 years old. What the?!? back up a bit ok!

I was proud of all the things that I made that naturally made their way into the pictures unintentionally just because they are well used and loved items, like Alfy's blankie.

Tober shocked me with her posing and serious face, again what are you 13!! knock it off!?!

We kept trying to get her to loosen up and give us a smile, instead she turned to the side and gave us a nice over the shoulder :)

not too old for kisses though :)

and there's that smile!!

Jones sold his bike before he left so I am glad we got to get some shots with it. Good memories.

We were lucky enough that we took photos on a Sunday which meant empty parking lot behind buildings where we could take photos alone with a beautiful back drop and space to do some figure eights.

My goofs

                                                                         Tober says Wut!

Can you believe this is us just last year? and this time next year we will have changed a lot too.

So much to look forward to this year. Fall is sweeping in and I am going to embrace all the new in my life right now, be thankful for all that I have, which is a whole heck of a lot. :)


Carrie said...

Oh my GOODNESS! THese pictures are so fun. Got to say my favorites are the one that caught Alfy midstride with those little bare feet and Tober's over the shoulder action is to die for. THere's some major personality in there...I can tell. They're all so beautiful. Good luck these next few months. You're one strong momma. I know you can do it. Hope you're feeling good!

The Hull Family said...

Love the family photos. Your kids are getting so big...can't believe it! Congrats on baby #4! Love the numbers on the shirts...such a cute idea. Hope you are feeling well. Good luck these next few months with your husband away. I will be thinking about you and your sweet family.

Disney said...

Congratulations!!!!!! How wonderful! And your hair is rockin'-what a cool change!