Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I woke up late this morning, at 8:30, still tired. As I struggled to keep both eyes open at the same time the thought ran through my head 'it's ok I slept in because Jones will get the car packed, and perhaps I can persuade him to feed the kids breakfast.' After 2 months of being alone you think these thoughts wouldn't come so much, but when you are pregnant and 8:30 in the morning feels too early :) they still come.

We are heading to AZ today to have thanksgiving with some H family. I am so happy and feel so lucky to be with them all. It should be kind of crazy for the next few days...what am I saying its not like it will be a house full of 10 kids under 11yrs old or anything :)

After I rolled out of bed, I started our day right. Mini chocolate donuts, bananas and milk. The kids have been either sick or just in a mood the last couple of days, very emotional and crying hysterically at the drop of a hat. I am trying to prepare us physically but in every other way as well for the 12 hour drive. Just another adventure for the memory book.

Love you Jones. We wish you were here.

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