Friday, February 8, 2013


This week has been a slow one. We were sick over the weekend and although I am feeling better it is lingering still. We celebrated my birthday at home. Jones cooked dinner, did the dishes and made the most amazing Tiramisu cheesecake (which I continued to eat every meal after until it was gone)
I am trying to get some motivation to do more than lay around, but my attempts are in vain :)
I watched the entire series of Downton Abbey in less than a week, that's how bad it's been. Major prego couch potato.
Jones' bought a little ancient british car, we call Oliver. It is super cool and super rusty. He is busy this weekend with the Blacksmithing class I got him for Christmas but next weekend we are making the trip to a shop that specializes in working on the type of car he bought. I am really excited, it is fun to see him rewarded for his hard work. He has carried us through some hard times and is often the last one to buy the things he needs, let alone wants.
Life feels good, we are preparing for little Everest, and adjusting to the change of pace that the last trimester/ baby brings.

So glad it is Friday, it is rainy and I am ready for another lazy weekend, now I just need to find something new to watch :)
Suggestions welcome.

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merelyLooking said...

Elementary! We unexpectedly love the new NBC americanized Sherlock Holmes. I don't know if there's full episodes on the website or not, but we bought half of them on Amazon, be free to load our account and watch :)