Friday, October 18, 2013


This year is zoomin by so fast, I can't keep up.
I am gonna try and slowly add some updates.
While Pip was here she helped me design my half bath. It is still in progress but I look forward to being able to show it off soon.

Been working on Halloween costumes. The baby boys are going to be minions. This issimply because Alfred is so cute when he says "BE-DO" and it is an easy costume. C and Tobercakes decided that they wanted to be Sonic and Amy the hedgehog and I decided I wanted to let them :)

I had no idea who Amy the hedgehog was and was pleasantly surprised when I found out.
Here she is in progress
 And me with crazy hair, I haven't been feeling very well...migraines and yeah crazy hair.

Very very excited about the upcoming holiday season and slowly making our house feel festive.

Well times up, gotta put kids to bed!

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