Friday, November 22, 2013

Alfred, The Blue one

{ I call these two the twins because when I look back in my rear view mirror they often have their heads together looking at me with their big blue eyes and sandy brown hair, I love it.}
My little boy has changed so much in the last few months. 
He has become very interested in colors will go around saying he's the blue one, because he is wearing blue, Sissy, which is what he calls Tober {and so we all have followed suit}, is the pink one and Tahk {Clark, he has been upgraded to tahk, he use to be that guy} is the red one. Every time he says something new and we respond he becomes ecstatic and has to say it a 1000 more times
The last few days he has decided my lap is the best place to be 90% of the time. I mind, but the n I don't because He is still such a baby, even though his position as the baby in our family was usurped by little chubs.
I think he will be the first to start pulling away and wiping off my kisses, so I am going to try and enjoy every last hug and cuddle he has in him. {Even if I am trying to do twenty other things as he is climbing in my lap}

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