Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Litty bitty update

It happened. We have officially lived in Maryland for one year. It would be nice to be able to say we have lived in the same place the whole time but sigh, we have still never lived in the same house for more than nine months. If we live here another 5 months we will break that record! Should be easy right?

Jones and I passed our 8 year anniversary :) we celebrated by barely remembering and sending quick texts to each other. I was traveling cross country without him at the time.
We have since made up for it with a couple of awesome dates. Including him smuggling me in pecan pie when we went to the hobbit :)

We are working on a mostly handmade/small business Christmas. I am really excited to share about this, it's been really fun.

Between church, kids, homeschooling, Christmas and a vitamin d deficiency I feel like I have been kicked in the gut hollow kind of exhausted almost all of the time, but it's hard to feel down about it because I feel so blessed.

I am blessed to have my whole family under one roof, and that it happens to be our roof. I am blessed that our needs are taken care of, and whatever funds are left over can be spent in Christmas.
I am blessed to work with and know amazing women at church who inspire and touch my heart.
I am blessed that to know The Lord has faith in me. That he believes in me more than I do myself and  is pushing me and giving me opportunities to serve and to grow. I am blessed to be able to be creative. Despite being soooooo busy I have been tinkering with more pattern making/ and photography, that I am not sure how I have even had time for (oh yeah I haven't done the dishes for a
few days... That will give me some extra time :)

So despite feeling physically weak and like I am over spent, I still feel like I have more to give. More to give my family and other people in my life.

Late night itty bitty update.

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