Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Homemade/Small business Gifts for my Man

when thinking about making gifts for Jones I stuck with my strengths, so I made him a few items to go in his corner by his desk and then a few items of Fashion as well.

Acrylic mountain painting. Free. Had the paint and the canvas. Otherwise it would have been between $16-$30. He need something by his desk that was snow capped. 
               Gold stegosaurus plant holder. free. I had the dinosaur, paint and plant. If you had to buy the parts to make it I would guess-timate $9 at the top end. Which is totally worth it :) Stegosaurus is his favorite Dinosaur.
 Campfire cologne was one of the most spendy gift I bought him $18.95 after shipping. Again so worth it because the wood that you burn to get said cologne is from the Northwest, so he smells like home.

 Anthropologie inspired Chalkboard map. My map is made out of construction paper. The last black piece I had actually. I hand painted an outline and then filled it in with chalk. Then I did a zig zag stitch around the edge and bought a vintage hanger for $3.
 Skinny ties. For the fabric the ties ended up costing about $3 each. I looked around online for Tutorials and adapted them to suit my needs. I used an old tea can to hold the ties.
 radio on sale at Restoration Hardware $24, my big purchase not so small business or handmade buy.
 Target T $7 freezer paper Bear shirt(should have been a Man bear Pig!). Freezer paper is spendy, like $5-7, but the fabric paint is cheap, about $1.89 each (or if you are lucky like me, on sale for 50% off) I cheated and asked my SIL MelancholySmile to cut my freezer paper stencils for me. She rocked it making this gift the easiest of them all. THANKS!!!!
Freezer paper moto sweater. $8 sweater from (dun dun dun) Wal-mart. I searched high and low for this style sweater for a good price. Second best price I found was h&m for about double the price. (Again thanks Melancholy smile!!)
 All that is left is to wrap them up and just like that I had Christmas/ birthday presents all ready for Jones.

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