Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Laundry room

Our laundry room is a little window less room to the side of our kitchen. It is dark and usually ends up a dumping spot for things on their way to the garage. It needed a face lift, especially since its a room I spend a lot of time in. 

So here it is, My laundry room makeover. 
 (remember there is no natural light in there so a few of the colors are a bit off)

The table is actually less bright, The color is called Ball Park and that is what it looks like. Fresh green grass. 
I grew up in sunny Southern CA. One of the homes we lived in was across the street from an orange grove. My sisters and I would play in that field all day and sneak the occasionally orange. :)

Being sun kissed tired and smelling like citrus. 
That's the kind of feeling I tried to bring to the room.

This sweet and juicy box is actually our recycling. 

an Ikea tissue box hold our dryer sheets

An old milk jug holds our homemade laundry detergent. I found the recipe on pinterest and love it. I made this batch in November and this is all that's left. 30 minutes of work and about $6 made us 3 1/2 months of detergent plus Still have all the ingredients minus a bar of soap. :)

Somewhere to hang my cloth diapers finally! no more draping them around the house, another ikea buy.

Some uplifting, fresh, nostalgic artwork.
I made a frame using cardboard and fabric. 

( I like the idea of doing this to the doors in here, maybe in a coral or blue)

 using what I had a round the house I quickly through together this poster to cover up our breaker box.

 These glass knobs are actually my first Christmas gifts from Jones.
 I made some laundry bags after trying to find some to buy and discovering my options were either mesh or expensive. I bought all my fabric on sale and spent about $15 I still have enough to finish another bag, and perhaps make some pillows with floral fabric.

 Simple but effective. 
If we owned this house I would make all the doors in this room have windows to bring in natural light and allow me to see into the back yard, but sigh, I'll just make the best of what I've got to work with. 
In the end the room makes me happy.

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Hull Family said...

Crystal! You are seriously so talented. Your laundry room looks amazing, I love the green table and that Ikea clip chandelier thing is probably the greatest invention ever, I LOVE it! I would pay you to come do some decorating at my house, you're amazing.