Friday, April 11, 2014

DIY Shower Curtain Dress and GIVEAWAY

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I was at Target the other day getting a shower curtain for our guest bath because we have guests coming next week (yay!) I chose this black and white stripe curtain and on the way home I kept thinking how the curtain reminded me of some of the really cute Cabana stripe dresses I see on pinterest, shabby apple, anthropologie, etc.

 I knew I could make a super cute little dress from, of all things, a shower curtain. So that is what I did.
I asked my adorable neighbor and friend if she would be my model. She is like a mix of Audrey Tautou and Marion Cotilliard. She said yes cause she's the kind of person that says yes, She's always got my back :)

Who knew wearing a shower curtain could be so chic?

Such a simple dress. It is versatile, and can be worn with anything.

Just putting on will make you want to go somewhere.

It was so warm and sunny today, the trees were budding and blooming. I think I am gonna need a dress like this for every day of the week.

Because the dress is waiste-less it can be worn with or with out a belt, or over a baby bump :)

Ready for the Tutorial?!

DIY Shower curtain dress.

Materials needed one Target threshold shower curtain.
 Black double fold bias tape.

 Lay shower curtain flat on the ground folded in half and then in half again. Measure your shoulder width. Mine was 17" and I wanted the bottom of the skirt to be 30" wide. Using chalk I marked the 30" and a mark in the middle for 15". From the 15" mark I measured up 41" and marked 8.5" to either side of that mark. Then using a straight edge I drew a chalk line from the 17 inch line to the 30" line. At this point you should have a nice triangular shape with no neckline or arm holes. 

*I made a lining for my dress since it is white. I used a lightweight white muslin. You can use the remaining white fabric as a liner, it will make the dress heavier though.

With me so far? 
Next measure how big you want your arm holes to be. I wanted mine to be 18" around so I measured down 9 " and trimmed the waist area. The neck line comes next, I highly recomend using a dress or shirt you like a a guide for you neckline. I like a high neckline, that isn't too wide that I am constantly tucking bra straps away. If you don't have something to use as a guide wait to cut your neckline until instructed.
*I added pockets to my dress because I believe in pockets, If you would like to add some now is the time to do it. Use you remaining fabric and the tutorial at the bottom of this post to do it.
Alrighty now with right sides together sew your side seams, leaving the arm hole unsewn.
Do not sew you shoulder seams yet. 
flip the dress right side out and pin the shoulders together. 
If you haven't cut your neckline yet, try the dress on and using some chalk draw where you would like you neckline to be. Take into account if you want the back taller than the front. Take it off and cut it, making sure it is symmetrical.

This is how I attached my lining. If you are making a lining than with wrong sides facing outward place the lining inside your dress which is right side out.

Instead of sewing straight across, curve down towards the arm and trim the top to leave about 1/4 of an inch above the stitch.
Now using black Bias tape sew over this edge. After you have sewn it on lay the bias tape flat towards the front of your dress. Stitch it down. 
Last step! Sew bias tape around your neckline and arm holes, and there you go, a brand new dress.

 Go sew yourself a wonderful spring dress!

I love this tutorial from Sewaholic for sewing inseam pockets


Angela said...

So chic! What is the fabric? And does it wash well - or do you just jump, fully clothed into the shower? blessings xx

Crys said...

The dress is 100% cotton. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, warm iron if needed.