Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best birthday ever

For my birthday this year Jones took me up to Seattle

On the way I got to open my present, which was wrapped amazingly, as is tradition, Jones always finds amazing ways to wrap my presents.

He gave me a couple of books about sewing and a little dress form he carved out of styrofoam and wrapped in medical bandage. The skirt is made out of money I can use to buy my own dress form!

When we got there he took me to Pike place market, where he bought me flowers (beautiful tulips) and then took me a shop called The Confectional, where they make little cheesecakes that are so good it is sinful. Hands down best birthday cake I have ever had. (although the Ice cream cake mama R made me a couple years ago was pretty awesome too)

At this point I am thinking this is pretty awesome but it doesnt end there. We then walk to a little shop that sell one of my favorite drinks, Malta Goya, and I have been craving this since I didn't get my normal fix at Christmas. Then we sat and watched the sun set over the water before making our way to dinner. After we were thouroughly stuffed we walked it off by taking a stroll to Anthropologie where I bought a few delights for myself.
So fabulous

Then when we got home my in-laws suprised me with a TON more MAlta! I am set now for at least a week ;)

All of this plus a Joann's gift card from Shizilary and you get the Best birthday ever!

Plus I am thinking 23 looks pretty good on me.


PixieShtick said...

You are adorable. Happy Birthday.

Carrie said...

OK, so is that husband of yours trying to put all the other men to shame? 'Cause he is. So creative...the wrapping job, the dress form. What a man. Glad you had a great day!

The Hull Family said...

Sounds like the best birthday ever to me too! Your husband is so thoughtful and sweet, I loved the mini-dress form wrapped in the money dress...adorable! Happy Birthday!!