Saturday, February 13, 2010


I am soaking up the sun here in beautiful CA, and having a blast with my crazy, laugh-a-lot family. Sleep deprived for sure but loving every minute. Here are some highlights:

1.My sisters looking super cute wearing the flowers I made for them.
2. Riding around in the back of my Dad's truck in the desert while all the 3 yr old boys took turns driving and the "men"(older boys) shot airsoft guns at from the moving vehicle.
3. staying up late with the Herricks and talking about their little bun in the oven. We are calling her Biscuit.
4. Telling Pixie Schtick to stop laughing therefore making her laugh that much harder.
5. My Jones buying tulips for all the women this morning.

Ahhh good times, let them keep on coming.

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