Thursday, May 10, 2012

1960's birthday Party pictures ( a few months late)

First step was cutting me some mean Audrey bangs...

Since my camera broke I had to wait for pics from Jes. I am so glad she took pictures because it was a really fun night and one I wanted pictures of.

 We did fondue, jello molds, deviled eggs and of course a mocktail bar.

 Tober Cakes especially loved the mocktails. The kids weren't really at the party, they were upstairs with my Mom, but she would keep sneaking down for another sip.

 The lovely Laura brought another of her divine baked goods. This cake was chocolate heaven. I sprinkled it with our color theme, Black, Gold and Pearl.

 Trying to pull Audrey look. :)

So there you go. Great party with great people .