Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Alfred

Dear boy,
My most difficult labor :)

You are such a daddy's boy

You are just such a boy.

A growler, grunter, let me eat your face kind of boy.

You made our family even more awesome :) sometimes angrily you have put up with being a third child, but you adore your brother and sister. Just like your brother you didn't much like being an itty bitty baby, not being able to talk or move just made you angry. But now that you can yell Dadada all day long and crawl/walk to all those (scary) things you want to put in your mouth you are at least 50/50 happy :)

Such a handsome fella, I am lucky to have you on my arm. You wish I would take you outside more...sorry I will work on that.

You are so teen tiny, I can't believe you are a whole year old.

Dear boy you have pushed the limits of our ability to grow and love and made us a bigger stronger family.
We love you. Happy birthday.

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Traci said...

Happy Birthday Alfred! He's such a cutie!

Carrie said...

such a sweet post. And he is SO handsome!! ONE already - really?

Hull Family said...

Wow Crystal I can't believe he is one already!! Seems like I was just reading about his birth...crazy! He is a little guy, but oh so cute!

We are about to have a 3rd child join our family...what am I in for?!!