Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tober Cake

Tober hates the very idea of me napping. If I lay down on the couch while they are playing or watching a show she will come over to me and smack my head, pull my hair, cover my noise and mouth, and my least favorite try to rip my ear off, all while saying "no mommy, not nap time" Today she did all of those things and when they didn't work she walked away, Then she came back from her room with her pink blanky, laid it on top of me and stroked my hair. This is much more like her normal behavior.
She loves to be affectionate and sweet, always say "kiss me, kiss me!" when we put her down for bed. She waves and says hello to everybody, cars that drive by, people at the grocery store, you name it. She even pets you when you give her a hug, which if she has her way is quite often. Even while I am typing this she came up and said "please, hold me" and is now curled up in my arms.
But heaven forbid I close my eyes...:)
It was nice to enjoy it, just for a little.
We'll see what she does next time.

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Disney said...

She sounds so sweet. I'll bet her snuggles feel the best.:o)