Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh hello there blog.

Long time no see. I have been missing in action because there has been so much going on and I know this post will in no way do the last three weeks justice but here we go. Colt y Pip's family arrived safe and sound in Utah with Moms and Pops just after my last post. They live just 2 doors down and are staying for the summer! It has been wonderful just hanging out, easy peasy, eating and playing outside. Around the same time thepixieshtick's family was in town so it was family hour everyhour. {between that and school I obviously haven't spent time in the blogosphere} Now they are gone and Moms and Pops left{so Pops could start his awesome new job, so excited!!} so Peeps and I have been working on getting a simple routine down, date nights and play included.

All the cousins together! Sway is in the bumbo on the floor.
We were lucky enough to have an all day girl date on saturday and spent it shopping. We have never had a chance to really shop like that before and it was fun to get full outfits. I am booked with school still, which I should be doing right now, and can't wait til I am done. Despite loving the subject matter, summer semester stinks. It is so rushed and I hardly feel like I get a chance to absorb the information. Aug.8th and it will be over baby.
I dieted away my baby belly and now for the first time in 5 years I am indulging in fashion that is not maternity. Tight high waist pants and tops that will be unwearable once baby #4 is in my belly but I need to live in the moment and be excited about the body I have, and new clothes do that.

My mind drifts in and out of thinking about Maryland and what the second half of this year will hold. If plans will fall through or not and I try to stay away from those thoughts because there is very little control I have in that area. So I will just keep trying to eat healthy, enjoy our HOT summer and close family while I have them.
OK off to school. :)

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