Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ridin my woes away

Today has been a long day of school. I have been pulling a lot of late nights lately, and Jones has been picking up the slack. He often gets up and feeds the kids before he is off to work and always pitches in with the house work. It is impossible to doubt that he believes in me and supports my work. Today I needed a quick distraction from school so after the kids were down for bed(my brother stayed with them) jones and I went for a little ride.

I am pretty terrified on the back of that thing, but it sure did revive me :)

I love these moments with him. Thanks Babe, for everything.

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merelyLooking said...

So proud to hear that about him; having empathy doesn't happen by accident ever. I'm so happy when my kids are strengthing those kind of muscles as well as the others ( is that a bi-cep your shirt got caught on there? :)

Wish I could help you! Time to dig out the carrier pigeons.

Also, about the bike ride... *insert story slash lecture about Barbra and Burdette's Vespa crash*