Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ferries, Christmas Trees, and Seattle

My parents have been in town the past week.
It has been quite eventful.
Warning this post is very picture heavy.
This is my Dad painting me a picture of the temple Jones and I were married in!
Our Family going to the Christmas tree farm.

 C was such a good helper, he actually put most the decorations on the tree.

                  I took my parents to Seattles outdoor maket Pike's Place   

 And they took me to my favorite store ever. I hadn't been there since my birthday, boo.
Tober cake fell asleep. :) So precious.

 Today we took a ferry out to one of the islands up here. It was a fun little adventure and a great way to end their trip.

It has been such a blessing to have them here. My Mom really took care of me, I felt pampered, never having to cook or do dishes. Randomly finding clothes washed. I love you Mom and Dad. Come back soon.

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Carrie said...

visits from parents are the best! My mom and dad just left too...they were only here for 2 days, but still. I almost cried!