Thursday, December 16, 2010


Show Some support for KinyaRwanda!

"The film is named after the one language that everyone in Rwanda speaks. It is an indie film produced by our good family friend Tommy Oliver, weaving six true stories into one.What makes this movie different from films like Hotel Rwanda is that it's really telling the story of the *aftermath* of the genocide - How do you move on with your life when the man that killed your entire family is your neighbour? Rwanda was faced with the realization that if they prosecuted everyone who participated in the murders, their courts would be tied up for literally ten thousand years, so as a nation they were forced toadopt a policy of repentance and forgiveness. This film deals with that story, and does so without focusing on the gore or bloodshed. They maintain a PG rating and let the stories unwind in a simple way.

I could go on and on about the film, but the point is, Mazing and I went to its Seattle screening and were touched and impressed. It's a beautiful, timely message undeniably filled with the spirit. The cast and crew have many stories of how they felt helped in telling this story, and they have all made a personal commi...tment to the people of Rwanda that they will never have to pay to see this film. They were just announced as an official Sundance Film Fest selection. We are all so happy for them, and Colt will be going to Sundance to support them.
They would have a much better bargaining position if they could arrive in Sundance already having 20,000+ facebook/twitter followers. We would like to ask all our friends and family to follow/like the movie on facebook, and wonder if you could write something on your facebook encouraging your friends to follow it also? Please know that we wouldn't ask you to publically support something not worthwhile. The world needs more movies like this one. Please be a snowflake in our avalanche of support!"
~My mother-in-law
I borrowed her words because they are 10 times better than what mine could be.
I have only seen the trailer but have been moved by the story and can not wait to see the movie.
I think that a movie like this that is inspiring and uplifting should get the chance to be heard and seen. Show your support on facebook and on your blogs
for what is truly a remarkable film.

KINYARWANDA Extended Trailer from Alrick Brown on Vimeo.

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