Saturday, December 25, 2010

Having a Holly Jolly Christmas

Good Morning! well it feels like morning still although it is afternoon... What an awesome morning Christmas is when you have little kids that stomp down the stairs, and get excitied about everything they see.

A recap of all the wonderful events
I woke up the morning of christmas eve and started the day off right with curlers in my hair. I was excited to try a new style, inspired by my sisters in law and many 40's hair tutotials I ended up with this, which took a lot of pins and hairspray to pull off. It was so much fun though and started the day in a fun way.
 The kids got trapped in their room for most of the day, which seemed to be alright by them.

 Once all the food was prepped I was ready to switch out my apron for some skinny jeans and pearls.
I should really do this more often it was way too much fun.

 Tober pretty much refused to cooperate with photo taking but I distracted her with her bottle just long enough to get a few shots. I made her hair clip to match her pretty little outfit {thanks mom}

 I was inspired by red and green to make my Christmas punch this year. Frozen limes, kiwi and strawberries were added to Cranberry Gingerale punch, super yummy and really pretty.
 My cheesecake, tasted great, didn't quite set but I was happy with how it turned out. I was intimidated by all the food I made cause my talents don't lie in the kitchen, but I have to say I would eat any of this food again and again!

 I was really curious to see how my hair would fair by the end of the night, this is what it looked like once I took the pins out.

 As soon as we were done opening presents Bug started setting up his new tracks.

I am guessing he will be like that all day.

As for Jones and I we are just sitting back and watching our babies enjoy themselves, wearing amazing beanies hAha made us.

Here apretties I few snapshots of the pretties I got...

Jone's traditional gift to me from Anthro, a gorgeous doorknob for my craft room. He gave me a smaller glass knob 5 years ago, I could do this every year, I love it. He is the best. {plus he threw in a gift card!}

 This is what our house looks like, how bout yours?

And last but not least a breakfast of sorts. Ham and cheesecake :)

What a day, I sure am lovin it.


The Hull Family said...

Oh my goodness Crystal, you are so awesome!!! Love the hair, and all the fabulous vintage inspired pictures!! Your table looked divine, and I'm sure everything tasted just as good as it looked! You are seriously my hero right now!

Brianna said...


Carrie said...

That is just too too fun! I love that you're all dolled up. I'm lucky to get a shower amidst all the madness. All the food looks gorgeous!