Friday, September 16, 2011

book art

yesterday was Jones'day off, so we took advantage of our time together as a family and walked to the BYU art museum. It was fun, by far my favorite piece was the large sculpture made of books, It was so beautiful, in so many dimensions. It wasn't the most kid friendly place though so after a bit we made our way to the bookstore and got some bagels and cookies and cream milk {yummy but crazy sweet} and walked to the museum of paleontology. C was probably the most excited. He kept asking questions and listened very intently as I read the plaques to him. The only part he didn't love was when I pretend the giant crocoldile {with a 6 ft long head} was biting my arm. He gave me a semi smile and then looked at me like "ok now stop" When we left he told me He wanted to be a paleontologist when he grows up. I think Jones looked at him with both pride and a little envy. Envy because Jones secretly wishes be an astronaut and/or paleontologist just like he did when he was a kid.
It was great a great day.


hAha said...

Mint brownie for me please:) oh how I miss BYU goodies! Love the MOA!!! Saw Rodney Smith's exhibit there; changed my life:)

WISPR said...

The result is nearly 200 photos in the gallery on the book by former Art. The 18 original plates are complete in their own folder here.