Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tah Face {C} starts Pre school

C, or Tah Face, which is what Tober calls him started pre-school today.
It was so fun. He had asked me to make him a speed racer back pack so this morning he and I finished putting it together, packed him a lunch and headed out. He was so excited. 

 Whether or not to put him in preschool had been a big debate for me. Somehow I felt like a failure if I sent him away. I had questions and doubts, but in the end I knew I was doing it for the right reasons and knew he would love it while it lasts.
 Of course we all miss him when he is gone. I was surprised how much I noticed something missing. C really brings a positive spirit to our home. He loves us all and tells us constantly. He makes us all an important part of his world. 
I feel so blessed that he came to our family and that He was my first kid. 
I have learned so much about mothering from him.
It is fun to see him grow up, and be so happy and full of life.
Love ya Tah face. 


Singin' Heart said...

He looks so old! Like he should be going to school! Sounds like you were able to find a preschool that you liked or felt right about - glad it all worked out. I bet he's going to LOVE it...and you are not a bad mother for sending him to preschool!

Jeanie said...

What a sweet, sweet face - looks just like you.