Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grandma's funeral and being home.

Some how I have misplaced my memory card for my camera. I think little fingers took it from the computer...
Anyways, we are now home from our quick trip to CA, where we said our goodbye's to Grandma Cathryn and her desert home. We got to stay over night there and I thought it was really nice to be there one last time while it was still her home. 
I got to bring some of her things home with me.
When I woke up the morning after we got back I loved looking around and seeing how natural her things looked in my home. Somehow they give the place a depth it lacked before. 
It makes me smile.

Now that I am home and seeing the place with new I eyes, I find that I really like it!!
It is perfect for us { maybe not so much for others, because of the size, but it is for us!}
I have been so busy doing projects around the home and I am kind of sad that I haven't been documenting before and afters as well as I would like. 
Oh well, as soon as I find my SD card I will show off some of my ideas around my home and the items I inherited from my Grandma.

Also a hAha shout out.

Check out hAha's blog every friday for amazing fotography to stimulate your mind.

*loves for niece number 5, soon to join the familia, I knew it was you ;) *

And happy birthday CARL!! congrats on being old.

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