Thursday, April 26, 2012

A beautiful kind of busy

This has been a very busy week. Lots of phone calls about insurance and car stuff, rental cars, young women's girls camp yard sale( did I mention I am in charge of girls camp! And it is in one month) best friends moving/ graduation, plus normal life stuff. I am exhausted. We have spent the last 2 days trying to recover from our exhaustion and enjoy the super warm spring weather, 75-80 degrees! eating and playing outside every chance we get.

Tuesday's are Jones only day off so after dealing with some car things we {literally} stuffed our kids in the rental having to slam the doors so all the car seats could fit, and went off for ice cream. I still love the feeling of putting everyone I love most in the car with me and heading out for unknown not tied down fun. We decided fishing would be an appropriate activity, so we headed south a little to a kid friendly easy fishin reservoir. The kids played on the 'beach', in the water, at the play ground, and helped Jones real in the line. C pulled in a fish his very first time and proudly exclaimed 'ok! Now let's it him!'. I beamed. :) Tober cakes walked around like a girl hand on hip, socializing with other little girls, squealing in the water and yelling come on guys! And our little Alfred sat next to me picking up the rough sand and letting it slip through his fingers over and over again, occasionally standing up and walking(yes walking!) around to find a better spot to do it in.
{ tangent, when I picked the kids up at my mom's, which is where they were when we got hit thank goodness, she said "why didn't you tell me Alfred is walking?" m response, "he's walking!!?!" :) and he has been doin it ever since}
By the time we left the reservoir it was past bedtime, and we were all happily ready to be home in our beds.

The next day I had a morning appointment and Jones didn't need to be at work until 1 so I left him with the kids. When I got home he had taken the tires that I got from the YW yard sale and his old climbing rope and put up two tire swings in the front yard. I could feel just how big my smile was when I pulled in the driveway. Then C who has been practicing on a two wheel bike and letting us know he can't ride it til he's six( which is exactly what he said about his scooter two weeks ago) rode past me doing figure 8s saying look at me look at me.

Life hasn't exactly slowed down, but it has been busy and full in just the way I like it :)
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hAha said...

I can't believe Alfy is almost a year!!! I think I keep saying that! They are all so big and cute! Right around 11months is when finner took off walking too!!! I love our little families! What a fun week, thanks for sharing!

Traci said...

So fun that Alfy is walking. Have fun celebrating his first birthday soon!