Monday, April 2, 2012

Sewing again

It has been quite a while since I have been at my machine, but this last week a few ideas stuck in my mind and had to make the. The first was a diaper bag for a baby shower I attended.

With no pattern, I am really glad with how it turned out. My favorite part is th tags and it's ginormous size :)

The second thing that has taken over our home is a dress, I wanted a bold floral hot pink dress with a high/wide v neck line and a pencil/flared skirt. I found a pattern that was decent and a fabric I liked and made it work.

I basically made this dress about three times, the first time I followed the pattern and it was HUGE. So I took it apart, trimmed it, put it back together, and then began the process of making the dress work for my body. By the time I was done the dress has a few flaws and unfortunately does not fit like a glove, but does however make me very insecure about my growing instead of shrinking belly (and no I am not pregnant) this shape dress has been one that I admire from a far but stick with skirts and shirts or high wasted skirts that go out with my widening body. I chose to do this shape {with help from Jones}because it is different than my go to shape. Hopefully I will grow more confident and love wearing it. Now I just need some nude leggings, some pumps{as long as I can walk in them!} And some hot pink lipstick and I have the look I'd imagined :)

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merelyLooking said...

Patterns are always huger than they say! When I made Tosh's wedding dress, I combined two patterns and made the entire thing first out of muslin because I knew I couldn't afford to mess up on the real fabric. It was spectacularly huge! Thank goodness Tosh came home early enough for me to edit it to her body, so I resewed it in muslin again, then took a deep breath and sewed it in the real fabric. Scary!! Still, after all that, I think Sister Binns did the best part - she on the spot at the reception sewed a little thread hook that attached to Tosh's hand so she could dance without dragging her train. I still wish I knew how to do that.

Your sewing is getting much more professional. I love all the little details you do - that is your signature. Love both the diaper bag and the dress. And that lining brings back memories! You're never going to run out of that fabric, are you :)

Crys said...

Nope :) still have the whole top sheet :) thanks for the encouragement and nice comments, always appreciated

Angela said...

That is one gorgeous dress, can you give us more details of the pattern pleae?
Easter blessings x

Crys said...

I will try and do that for you today Angela