Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mommy Easter

This Easter I had plans. I call them Mom plans because they are the kind of plans that depend on Mom making them work cause everyone else in the family is going to just ask 'why?' I wanted to get up on Sunday morning and go on a walk. Being outside has always been more spiritual for me, and I like the idea of an Easter morning walk as a way of setting the tone for the day. When my kids are older I would give them questions to think about and journal writing time afterwards. Unfortunately we went on a long walk on Saturday evening and I thought it might be over kill to wake up and do it again. It was also just one of those days when I didn't have the positive energy to make things happen when getting negative energy in return. So family photos turned into a few shots of the kids with the iPad and thats it. No pics of me in my new dress, or the whole gang together in front of our cute house. I felt like a mom. I know of moments when my Mom and MIL hoped for one outcome only to be unappreciated and have a mutiny of sorts from the family. Oh well I will continue to try and be the upbeat pulse that insures family photos and memorable moments along the way, cause that's my job, and someday they will grateful, right?

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MelancholySmile said...

That's such a perfectly eloquent description of how events typically unfold! It's certainly what happened to us this Easter. I could barely rouse j from bed, and once he finally emerged, it was like "you missed Christmas, Jack!" and he was grouchy to boot. No cool photos, but we had a good time anyway.

Your dress is so lovely! You've become such an accomplished seamstress. :) you make short hair look sultry.

merelyLooking said...

You stole the words right from my heart! In a few sentences you have artfully encapsulated all my woe and bitterness :) And no, they NEVER appreciate it.

merelyLooking said...

PS I am so glad to have the reinforcement of three more girls now! Melancholy's and my energy was flagging :)

hAha said...

"i hear that." (yes, we still watch psych)