Saturday, April 14, 2012

Red head

So I Have wanted honey brunette hair every spring summer since I was pregnant with Tober cakes. Yesterday I went ahead and attempted to strip my hair of color and then dye it a pretty brown. I knew my hair was pitch black and would take a lot to get blonde enough to dye. So it is a work in progress. At one point last night it was yellow with orange highlights. So I dyed it to even it out. I might keep going with the lightening but right now I am loving my red brown hair. :) after all I have always had a thing for red heads

The process I took made some hairs blonde and left some darker giving my hair lots of tones. I like the peek a boo of the particularly blonde strip in the first photo, makes me think I do want to go lighter?!
We'll have to wait and see I guess.

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Disney said...

Oh, you are too cute! i love your adventurous styles. Is it ok that I'm living my hair life through you?

Crys said...

Oh Disney it makes me so happy when you stop by. :) live vicariously all you want.