Saturday, March 31, 2012

Little man growing up

Today was the saturday session of general conference and since we don't have tv I just streamed it on my iPad and carried it with me around the house. C listened with me for a few minutes before he opened the window and said 'there, now I can listen to it outside( right?)" so I let him, during the second half however, he had been outside long enough he wanted to be and he just kept complaining and asking when it would be over, you know that thing kids do when theyn are bored so obviously the solution is to stand by the dishwasher and just throw out a whine now and then and you think 'your'e a kid! Go play! And sop whinin about it!' instead I would simply say it will be over in a little while, and told him I was listening to the prophets and apostles. At this point I was sitting at the dining room table sewing, so he came over, and with a box of cheez-its sat, in my same chair and listened. He commented on their accents, their lack of hair, would say did you here that mommy, whenever he heard something he thought was interesting. It was a sweet moment, and I am so glad I didn't give in to his complaining and let him watch tv or something.

To top the day off we spent the evening riding bikes with the kids, it is so fun to have a set up that allows us to ride all together.

Today I feel happy and healthy. :)

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