Thursday, March 29, 2012

Living outside

A few weeks ago Jones, C and I were playing outside, goofing off and being silly, then jones ran in the house and declared that we would have to live outside forever. C being C, quickly began tearing up desperately pleading that he didn't want to live outside forever. He takes that stuff very seriously, so I had to calm him down, still locked out of the house :) , I grabbed pillows from our patio furniture and a blanket from the car and laid down by a tree. Eventually he calmed down, and began telling me about all the birds we could shoot and eat, and sincerely telling me we were gonna need a gun. Then that was all he would mention for days anytime he saw a bird 'we should get a gun so I can shoot it' :)
He is a clever boy, and fun to play with, you just often have to show him that it's ok and that there is always a solution to every situation, even if that solution is just a positive attitude.
I am so glad we are able to start playing outside more, there are good memories to be had out there.

Jones came home from work with water balloons and squirt guns. I live it when he does that kind of thing :)

{I got tober's swimsuit on sale for $5 at oldnavy :) good buy }

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