Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring is here this week

This week the weather has warmed up to about 70 degrees, which is perfect to me. Sun shining in opening the windows, it is motivating and encouraging to get things done and feel happy and healthy. There has been a lot of listening to music and dancing around the house and outside with kids barefoot and fancy free. On my playlist has been: Dia Frampton, She & him, Fleet foxes, Adele, Cold play, and Taylor Swifts new song Safe and sound.

Thursday night Jones and I got to go to The Hunger Games opening night, we got there around 8:30, for the 12:35 showing, Jones being the crazy person he is decides that he and my little brother should go grab a sofa he saw sitting in front of JCP,

so they do and get to sit on it for a good 30 minutes before they have to put it back. We were lucky because even though we were one of the last shows of the night we got seated pretty early and spent the night playing hangman and talking wedding plans with Kelly's roommates that are engaged. The show was fun, no amazing review from me, but I do want to see it again and I am glad we went.

I am actually {slowly but surely} decorating for Easters, starting an egg banner, tulips, purple ribbon, and window marker drawings. C and Tober went nuts with the window markers, and after being allowed a few child mess up free drawings I let them have their way with the windows.

I keep having to stop myself from washing the windows, and just let them be a mess, embracing my phase of life which is goobered clothes windows and furniture most of the time. { just keep telling yourself it's ok and enjoy the day!}

Fun surprise, we have tulips in our front, yard!!! Yay! I was hoping there would be flowers there.

Everything around me feels fresh and springy, even my iPad cover which was supposed to be a darker blue accidentally got ordered as a lime green. I figured I would return it for the one I wanted but once it was here I really liked the pop of color it was! Happy surprise :)

Tomorrow is Jes' birthday and with the premiere of Mad Men we are having a little 60's party, should be good fun.

Happy weekend all!


Singin' Heart said...

Love the post! Life seems so happy and good :) and with nice really can't go wrong!!

Singin' Heart said...

And I like the green cover too