Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hanging out. Part 3 of Trip

After the Oscar Part we spent the next 2 days doing whatever we wanted.
This meant a lot of tasty food, such as chicken curry, Thai spring rolls, left over crepes and candied bacon, donuts and more.

In the mornings Jones and Melancholy went on long runs and I happily hung out with the kiddos.
I loved spending time with my niece and nephews!
The beautiful March Arizona weather made playing outside perfect and my kids spent most of the trip playing with the chickens.

I had a World Market coupon I was excited to use (we don't have one by us) so the girls took me out. I was able to get some fun dishes, and other goodies. Little Miss C picked up some tea while we were out and made us tea and biscuits when we got home, super tasty! with raspberry jam. 

The first night we were there we played a round of Settlers of Catan, a game J+melancholy introduced to us and now it had been so long since they had played we had to remind them how it works.

The next morning while the other adults were getting their run on, Little miss C and I made donuts. Hanging out with her was on of my favorite parts of the trip. We talked about how we both loved making sweets, and opening our own shop called CC's. we would sell donut shaped rice crispie treats with frosting and spinkles, and a dozen other treats. 

E was so much older than I imagine in my head and I loved talking with him about his stuff, reading his book, his frustration wit L and so on. L is the sweetest thing, very willing to let you hug him :), and he and C were pretty inseparable while we were there.
Then there was this little guy who gave me tons of smiles behind the safety of his binky, so long as I never stood between him and his mommy.

Our last night we gout ourselves a sitter and went out, like real adults!!
We ate at Grimaldi's, a tasty New York pizza place, and after we were sufficiently stuffed we walked over to Frost, a gelato place, I am bummed I didn't get a pic cause the place was pretty cool looking. I had the Tiramisu Gelato and it was awesome!!

We headed home reluctant to go to bed knowing that it was our last night and in the morning we would start our long trip home...

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merelyLooking said...

CC's! Clever, clever. I'd expect no less from the girl who gives her daughters names that would sound good as a clothing line.... :)