Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oscar party, Part 2 of trip

After a nice short trip Sunday morning we arrived at j+melancholysmile's at about 3 just in time for them to get home from church, and us to start prepping for the Oscar party! 
I already knew Melancholy was one of the most fabulous women I know and still I was amazed by how quickly She put together this party. With 2 days notice that we were coming, and 3 hours before guests arrived, we still had crepes, bacon wrapped steaks, caviar on toast, oysters rocker fella (sp?) candied bacon and mocktails galore!
Bow tie napkins on the table and still time to get dressed in 20's attire.

It was so much fun, I got so distracted by the food {candied bacon and Ginger ale lime mint mocktails} that I had to fill in most of my ballot last minute. The H's print out ballots of the nominees and compete for who can guess the most right.
I can tell you right now I didn't win. :)
Little Miss C and her Shirley temples.

The host couple and the dominator of The Oscars 2012, Melancholy got 20/24 right.

Me ignoring my low score of 7 out of 24, drowning my sorrow in more candied bacon and hanging out on the couch with this cutie. She was such fun to be around.
Laughing at E watching the oscars from the table with C's binoculars 

I wish I had more pics of the night, but alas you will have to wait for Melancholy to do her post, I really should get a new lens for my camera already! too bad they are so spendy. Oh well, 
anyways up next 2 days relaxing in the warm sunny {and windy} Arizona with the most Adorable people...

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