Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alfy in his high chair

I love the way kids act when they are in their high chair, at least when they want to be. It is their domain. Today I gave Alfred a rare treat, a chocolate chip cookie, I watched as he raised it in the air in front of him and babbled on as if to say, this is my cookie ha ha and I am going to eat it! Ah bwabwa bwa...
And then slowly began nibbling it drooling and squealing in excitement. I will let him play and get messy til he no longer resembles a person, then it is bath time :)

I sure love this little boy.
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Singin' Heart said...

I can't believe how old he's getting. He's such a combo between c and o.

hAha said...

I can't believe it either!!! I just realized baby and Alfy could have the same birthday:) oh I've been craving chocolate chip cookies!