Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Do you remember life before you had kids?got married? Cause sometimes it's hard for me to remember things, or who I was then, other times I don't want to remember ( teenage years are not my proudest)
I was flipping through hAha's photos on the Facebook and came across a pic of me and Jones that proves I had curly hair at one point! {and highlights in my hair from dying it in London!}

Somehow having children has sucked all the curl from my hair. I don't necessarily mind, I always had a love hate relationship with the curls anyways. It makes me look at this picture though and think despite the things I didn't like about myself I can look back now and appreciate that girl.
instead of feeling awkward or embarrassed by her I simply smile and take it as a lesson to remember the good things instead of holding on/ trying to run from the bad. Slowly but surely learning to love myself and not be so afraid.

Photos from hAha n Sbugs reception Feb 2006
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merelyLooking said...

I love all the significant things you figure out.

Carrie said...

so cute! revisiting the past can be very therapeutic!