Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pinned it, Did it.

When I first started hearing about pinterest, Jones would say, "you are going to become obsessed like all my friends wives", I just thought, great one more site to waste time at. I made a promise that if I ever used pinterest it would be to help me accomplish things I wanted to do. I have been pretty successful so far and use it to inspire my actual life.

So anyways just wanted to share a few of my pinned it and did it experiences.

Anthroplogie T (that actually went on sale for a good price)
I love that it looks cozy and yet nice still not your ordinary T-shirt
To make my own I used a beautiful light pink scallop print cotton from my local Joann's, and to layers of black chiffon. 
I was terrified to sew with chiffon but for this project it was a breeze. I used a french seam to keep the insides clean and bias tape around the neck and arms. Cost $10, and about 45 minutes to sew. :)

Sugar Bee Crafts Giant print for $13

I knew I wanted to get a giant print of each of my babies once we get to Maryland, but I jumped the gun and got one of Tober cakes for her birthday. I went to kinkos and got a 22"x 28" poster for 2.78 cents
I chose those measurements because they are the measurements for the ready cut foam boards you can get at any Target, Wal-mart etc. another 2.50 for my board and this project cost me a little of $5

Of course, the sugar bee version also involves mod podge which I didn't do. I plan on most likely framing mine, so each one will end up costing about $25-$27

A few more I have done but don't have pictures to show for it.

DIY pencil skirt
Fun and easy.

 DIY heart elbow pads
I cheated and used fleece that I sewed on.

DIY Box spring into bed frame. 
Made such a huge impact for so little effort.

Again easy and cute!

So there you go. If you love Pinterest (like I have come to) use it for more that just blowing your mind :) 
I hope to continue to use it as a resource to take things from just a thought to an actual thing.

I should really try to conquer some of those recipes I pinned...especially the cookies...hmmm next payday for sure.

on a side note, and I am sharing this because I am sure this kind of thing happens to all of us. I have had this project on my mind for the last 18 months and I have never pinned it because I have never seen it done before...until today that is.

I had this idea that I really wanted to hang a piece of art to represent each state we have lived in. I want to get a pretty piece of simple wood and using nails and thread create the shape of the state with a heart for the city we lived in. The only thing that has held me back is that I want a nice place to hang these and we didn't really have that in Provo... anyways...

Look what I found on Apartment Therapy today.

I guess I have something to pin after all...

There is no such thing as an original idea, right? :)

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merelyLooking said...

Boy I swear you broke into my mind and and shined your flashlight onto my Pinterest neuron. Melancholysmile recommended I join, but I've been having the hardest time finding any rhythm there. I know I'm going to eventually whittle down to just 2 or 3 sites I actively participate in, but I feel I should give them all a fair shot before I choose. You've inspired me to keep trying.