Thursday, October 18, 2012


At the beginning of this month I made a phone call to a good friend of mine, I met her when I very first started this blog way back when Jones and I did a stint in TX with the Ntnlguard. I wanted to vent and get advice about how to make sure we get paid since the army has a habit of being slow about these things. After talking for a bit I, off handed, said wish we could come see you, {which was impossible due to our lack of car and money...} Then being the crazy spontaneous and hospitable person she is, my friend said that her brother in law was coming up the next day, and she was sure he and his wife would bring us up.

I laughed, it seemed too far fetched that I could leave in less than 24 hours. I mean, I am old and have responsibilties, not to mention a kid in school. After giving it some thought and talking with Jones, I threw caution to the wind, and now here we are in the tiny town of Baggs, WY {pop. 440} They have graciously taken us in, fed us and entertained us as if it were nothing. It is a pleasant change. They live on a ranch and there are horses and cows right outside the door, the kids get to enjoy playing with their kids who are older 11,10, 8 and love to play with my kids. Alfred is adored and Tober has a girl to take her away to play dress up. Since they all go to work and school during the day we have the house to ourselves, which is nice sometimes.
Tonya wanted my help decorating and bought paint and a few supplies, so I have been busy during the day while people are gone and mine are napping, painting away while listening to music.

I finally, a week after getting here, got rid of my cough and stuffy nose. Now I only suffer from being a tired pregnant lady :) it is welcome.

After a month apart I am really missing my husband, we get to talk on the phone a lot which is nice but often the phone calls are interrupted by yelling crazy children. It is good to know that after all this time, we are still each others best friend. We are coming up on our 7 year anniversary, Jones is scheduled to graduate from this training on our anniversary, a nice gift would be getting to see him soon after that...we'll see.

Well I am off to make lunch and paint more kitchen cabinets.

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