Wednesday, January 9, 2013

make it work

Having income has meant a lot more money than we have generally had when going through a move, but despite having more income we also have more kids and more house to fill than ever before. I also have a better idea of who I am and what I want from each space in my home, the challenge is making my vision and my budget see eye to eye. And as always I have Tim Gunn in my head saying "make it work!"
Today has been an especially satisfying day in that respect because I have been able to take things I already had and paint I already had and with a little hard work I can see that my office is coming together quite nicely :)

First off, free art.

 I printed off some of my favorite pinterest prints, spray painted frames that were given to me by a friend and used washi tape to help make the small prints work in the oversized frames

next, $5 pendant light.
I knew I needed light above my sewing desk, so instead of buying the $69 dollar gold pendant lamps I have seen around, I bought a .98 pot at home depot and some metallic spray for $3.98.

 The  metallic spray didn't turn out how I wanted, too silver so martha stewart came to rescue (she really does know her stuff) and got it just the right gold color I was looking for.

Next I very poorly drilled a hole in the top and used an Ikea lamp cord I had already (costs $3.98) and ta da. Love it.

The whole room is still a mess of  paint and unfinished elements but it is coming together. See my painted desk^
and soon to be painted dresser...Must finish painting dresser...perhaps after a nap :)