Tuesday, April 30, 2013

3 Weeks

It's a dark and rainy day, but I still wanted to snap some pics of Everest at 3 weeks. He is a strong and healthy baby. Although he is very serious you can see in some of the above picture that he has a little tiny smile. He is starting to fill out and has grown out of all newborn sized clothing.
 I am tired. 3 weeks of not sleeping so good is catching up with me. We were so blessed this week to have many meals brought to us by women from church. It was sooo nice.
Alfred is going to be the death of me. He is constantly throwing fits and getting into trouble. He is also starting to talk more and I love hearing his little voice making new sounds (really and sound other than yelling coming from his mouth is nice) my favorites are "yeah" said with a breathy excitement and "what!" said with happy surprise.
Super Crazy excited because lil mo hAha and Family are coming to visit next week! Hopefully I won't be a zombie. I am so excited to see me nephew and meet my niece for the first time. It will be a nice weekend of hanging out and pigging out and I am looking forward to it.

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