Thursday, April 11, 2013

bring on the sun

It takes a village, right?
right now my Mom is still here and Jones has paternity leave and it is wonderful. Someone is making dinner, while another cleans and the other changes a poopy diaper. 
Someone moves laundry while, while someone else checks on the kids in the backyard and the other picks up C from the bus stop. It's a team effort. 
Even with 3 of us we get tired. Jones has really helped me at night (as much as possible without nursing) and this morning we both sleepily got up around 9 am. Naps might be in order today.

Before Everest got here I looked and looked for a bassinet. I really wanted a place to put him when downstairs that was out of reach of his older siblings. I never found anything I liked that was under $100 {actually most the bassinets I liked I could only buy in the UK or somewhere like that for $300-$1400}
Frustrated I asked Jones if he could make me one. 
Lucky me, he said yes and I absolutely love what he did. It was a collaboration, which is always so satisfying.

It has wheels and a place for baskets for all the babies STUFF.

Baby likes it. He just snoozes away in there.

Yesterday it was HOT and sunny so we went out to the coast for a little fresh air. It was a pleasant simple outing. I love being outside with my family. It felt soooo good even if it was in the 90's.

Today is another beautiful sunny day. I might just sit on my back porch and soak it in.

On a side note. I bought C some red sneakers. He was very happy.
Red is the Fastest color :)

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