Monday, April 8, 2013


{disclaimer: if you want to hear it from me first hand, STOP READING :) just wanted to get it written down before I forget.}

Well after I wrote my post last night I went to bed and woke up at 1 with contractions. They were close and strong enough to keep me up so I went down stairs and watched some TV on demand. Around 3 they seemed to be slowing down so I tried to fall asleep. Then, just before 4 in the morning I had a pretty strong contraction. I didn't really think I was in labor but I found myself calling my Midwives. They said the thought I should come in. Ok, I thought so I waddled upstairs and woke up Jones. By the time the next contraction came it too was pretty strong and I was starting to have more conviction that I should be going to the birth center. I told my Mom we were leaving and said we might be back soon. Her reply, 'I don't think so' :) apparently everyone else thought this was serious. It was just happening so fast. Our car ride was 30 minutes and each contraction was strong but I had time to talk and compose myself again between them. This kept me feeling like it was only the beginning. As I always have, I kept the mind set that I had 8-12 hours ahead of me still. I didn't make Jones think I was in transition, or serious labor. When we got the Birthing Center it 5:00 in the morning. We settled in and my midwife checked me. "7cm dilated, head right there" he said. Yup. ok. yup I through the contraction. When it ended I got in the jacuzzi tub. It was warm and I waited nervously for the next contraction, these suckers really hurt but they took their time, leaving me to worry each time for the arrival of the next. Jones took his place by my side but still seemed casual about it. We weren't in go mode yet. Then the contraction came and it HURT and what?! I think my body is pushing? I asked Jones if I usually feel like that in transition. Another pause followed by a contraction like that. "maybe you should get the midwife" I said. At this point I still thought, this has only just begun, and in my head I found myself panicking a little. It hurt and my body felt out of my control. How did I do this the last three times?! "You have done this before" I said to myself. Jones repeated it to me. My midwife came in checked me and said "you are 8 cm but I am going to help open it a little..." as soon as the words left his mouth, a head started to come out! horrified and painfully I exclaimed "He's not ready! we haven't done anything yet!" Everyone around me reassuringly said at once "yes he is!" and "you can do this" Like I had a choice, as my body pushed and kept pushing without stopping and out came my son's head, still in disbelief and pain I couldn't believe it as another big push and out came the rest of him. WHAT!? I looked at Jones, and at Everest and back at Jones. I couldn't believe it. He was here. 45 minutes after arriving at the birth center and he was here.

For the next hour or more Jones and I kept smiling and laughing in disbelief. It was over before we even knew it had begun. 4th kid and we were still being surprised. Just the night before, I had asked for a blessing. In it Heavenly Father reassured me that Everest was ready to come. That he would come safely and that my body would have the strength and ability to deliver him. As I looked at my newest son I felt so strongly that again this experience was a gift. That my Father in Heaven made me a promise and he wanted me to know that he keeps his promises. I know he loves me and I felt the spirit testify to me that this was one of those times he was letting me know it. That faith or assumption weren't required but the promise had been given to me and kept so that I could know it.

I am so grateful for my husband who loves me and believes in me, and for my sweet new son. I am grateful for my Children who all flocked around me when I came home and can feel the importance of today. I am grateful for my Mom, for her sacrifice in being here {and for the peanut butter cookies she made.} I am grateful for modern technology which allowed me to share today with all my family spread over thousands of miles. Their love and support made our excitement for the day multiply.

I am so blessed.

        Everest 8.7 lbs 22 inches long 


Three Lads and a Lis said...

You rock woman!!! The boy is beautiful, many many congratulations.

merelyLooking said...

I *knew* that was fast!! But hearing the story of it still stuns me with the chain of events. You crazy girl! You alway shock us with how quickly things happen before we can even wrap our head around it, but this time set a record! :) I'm so glad you wrote it down; it gave me a flash of that spiritual feeling that comes with being in the room when a baby is born. Thank you for sharing even that :)

Carrie said...

This is so sweet, Crysal. Thank you for sharing those 45 precious moments of a new spirit entering the world. What a beautiful, blessed baby who has come to a great family! Enjoy these fleeting baby days.

Hull Family said...

You amaze me Crystal. What an experience. Such a sweet and beautiful post about your son coming into this world. Congratulations, he is beautiful. I can't wait to read about your adventures as a mom of 4!!

Traci said...

Congrats Crystal! He's adorable! Can't believe how fast that went for you!