Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Motivation and Encouragement

I was watching Project Runway a few seasons back, and it was about half way through the season. The judges were in some kind of a mood this season and they were driving me a bit crazy. Every episode was complaint after complaint about the clothing not being sexy enough. This episode particularly bugged me because the dress that was praised was the most no skill cop out kind of dress there is and the prettiest thing about it was the model wearing it. You know the kind of dress I am talking about, with either a really low front or back- no underwear-basically wearing a sheet- pornography kind of dress. Oh but it was sexy. I realized in that moment that I don't dress to be sexy. My clothing is my billboard. I like it to express fun-weird-beautiful-comfortable-adventurous. Sometimes because I feel those things I am what (at least my husband) you might consider sexy. It was while watching this episode that I got mad, then I got inspired. Inspired to dress real women, find real beauty. (Justin Timberlake singing "she's bringing beauty back")

Sometimes though, I, like anyone else, feel discouraged, ugly, unmotivated, and lost. So to help me keep that passion and fire going I made a few prints for my studio/office. 

I feel very vain looking at these, but since Confidence in me is the goal they are pictures of me and my work with LilmohAha.

Feeling mad-inspired-confident-happy-beautiful?

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