Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big Brothers

I was blessed growing up to have the best big brother in the whole world. I loved and admired him and he set a wonderful example for me and my siblings. (there are six of us) I don't think I ever really understood what it was like to be the oldest in a family until I had my first kid. They are the guinea pig for all your parenting mishaps, and whether they like it or not their younger siblings will rely on their example. So not only do they get the worst of it they also have to deal with it with all eyes on them. It can be intense.
I have been so amazed by the love that C has for his little sister and to see their bond, formed already even though they are small, and know that he is looking out for her. He does an amazing job and he is only 3 years old! I should let him know it.
I am so glad she has an older brother. I am glad they have each other.

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Carrie said...

So sweet! Big brothers are the best. And thanks for the reminder that I shouldn't be so hard on our oldest.