Monday, January 18, 2010

French Onion Soup, Tiramisu, and an Overflowing Bath Tub

So last night Jones and I attempted to make dinner together while the kids were both awake. It was an interesting experience. As I was in the middle of beating my egg whites, trying to make them firm Tober starts screaming at the top of her lungs making it impossible for me to hear C bug in the tub calling for me because it was overflowing. I thought I heard his little voice so I turned off the beater and ran to him but by then it was too late and the bathroom floor was covered witrh water. So with a crying baby and egg whites deflating I gathered all our towels and threw them on the floor. Tober calmed down and Jones came to my rescue, leaving his soup behind to clean up the bathroom mess. I had to start over with the eggs but after about 4 hours of hard work we sat down to a nice dinner of overdone steaks, amazing French Onion soup, and topped it off with a delicious Tiramisu.


h. said...

Unrelated comment!

I love having family pictures on my desk. Thank you, lover:)

Just Looking said...

It is so romantic when husbands comment on their wife's blog. You can feel the heat coming off the page :)