Friday, January 29, 2010

Peanut butter

We currently have about 7 jars of peanut butter, and pb and j sammies just weren't cutting it so last night C bug and I made Peanut butter cookies. It was actually really fun to have him old enough to help me make something. It felt like a friday night, which is awesome cause today is Friday so now I get 2 of them :) Actually I have quite the event filled weekend, so as soon as I am done posting this it's on to cleaning and getting ready for C's 3rd birthday party. fun fun.


Carrie said...

Looks like fun! Enjoy it now while you just have ONE who wants to help you. When you have 2 or 3 wanting to help, you'll be trying to whip up those cookies so fast so they don't notice. At least that's what I sometimes do. Did I really just admit that? What a mean mom I am.

Good luck with the bday party!

Just Looking said...

Lol, love your two Fridays comment! That happens to me sometimes, too, but mostly because I'm foggy brained and forget what day of the week it is :) (Happens in reverse sometimes, too - What?! It's Saturday?! All day long I thought it was Thursday! I just lost two days!)