Monday, September 6, 2010


On saturday I made this frame for my craft room/office. It was the first time I had really made something in multiple weeks. I felt so good afterwards that I realized {once again} how much I missed making art and that it is so much more than a hobby for me. Just like some people need to excersize, I need to create. So today I made some over due family portraiture for the space above the ironing board.
So I started by printing out a full size image of C and then traced the outside lines of the image with a sharpie marker.
The Sharpie will bleed through the paper leaving the backside looking like this.
Next I cut the image out and traced the shape onto a 12x12 canvas.
I simply cut out the outside layer, traced it, cut the next layer, traced it and so on and so forth.
Then I took the tiniest paint brush in the world and jet black paint and went over my pencil tracings.
For fun I gave it a messy yellow border!
Now I still have to do one of Jones and myself and I will be able to look at the whole family while I make other works of art! what!


The Hull Family said...

You are so awesome Crystal!! I can't get over how creative you are. You inspire me!!

Good luck with school, I know you are going to be great!

hAha said...

love love love, babe!
miss you!