Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Couture Fashion

Sorry My last post was so random and half of a thought.

I just spent that last 2 hours on style.com researching last years and this years fall couture fashion shows. I had to right a full report on the styles, sillhuetes, colors, patterns and so on. It was extremely time consuming but very interesting.

My favorite designer of this years shows was Christian Dior. All of the other collections showed a lot boxy black and white buisnes suits and dresses. They seemed to really want to cater to the working woman which makes sense in our current economical climate. However Dior's collection could not have shouted anything more different.

His collection was a celebration of life that I could really appreciate.

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hAha said...

uhm those blue shoes and i are destined to be with each other...uhm.now.