Sunday, September 5, 2010

Secrets of a Stylist

Last night after a long day of  cleaning, organizing, and creating, feet hurting, icecream in hand I turned on the Tube to watch Design Star winner Emily's new show Secrets of a Stylist on HGTV. I absolutely loved her design!!! Although I am probably a little bias since the style 100% reminds me of Jones.

She started with this.

And taking 3 different styles, FDR chic, 60's mod, and world traveler gave Ian this new and improved room.

from super boring Master Bedroom

To this.

Ugly spare room with built ins

To elegant guest bedroom.

What I loved about the show is you can tell she really paid attention to the style  of the house and then just took it up like 10 notches. Her style feels organic and realistic, like the owner can actually live there. Emily also did a great job showing her process and made me feel like I could do it too!

Overall two thumbs way way up for her new show, and I am so excited for all the inspiration she gave me for our master bedroom!!

For more of Emily click here


Carrie said...

I love her too. She was one of my favorites from the get go. I should pretty much just be asked to be a judge on that show. Think they'd take me?

seanmcox said...

I like the original living-room better. The "improved" version is too noisy, (probably a too-many-cooks/styles issue) and while removing the curtains reveals some very pretty window designs, it also has the far too impractical effect of reducing the lighting control and privacy.

The other rooms, I'll agree, are improved.