Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Trying to pack with a one month old who thinks he must be held at all times is hard.
Trying to pack with a 21 month old who thinks she can climb up everything, get into anything and spread food all over the house : exhausting.
Watching my four year old turn into a couch potato from all the tv watching makes me sad.
My attempt at being a Mom and flying kites in the backyard ends disastrously because Alf won't stop crying, and C is too excited to listen, keeps getting himself tangled, and all I can do is get after him in frustration and eventually give up and go back inside. Poor kid. Good thing his dad took played with the outside when he got home.

Today the baby woke up an hour or two before I was ready for consciousness.
The kids aren't awake yet, which is good cause I don't feel ready to change the diapers, and clothes and get breakfast ready. Especially since Alf will probably cry the whole time. 

I am hungry, but my body doesn't want to get out of bed to find food. Alfy is warm and he makes me sleepy.

Must think of a way to make today a good day.


h. said...

I'll leave you a comment, because I care.

hAha said...

I can think of how to make today awesome!!! I guess it's more tonight....SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!!!!! Yippeee!!!!

Crys said...

hecks yes!!